Nothing but funk

Nothing But Funk releases gospel house song ‘So Good’

If there’s anything that house music and gospel have in common, then it’s this thing called ‘spirituality’. Nothing But Funk combines the best of both worlds with his new release ‘So Good’ on Disco Tropicana Records. Borrowing influences from gospel, italo disco and nu disco, he combines a big choir sample, organ chords, a pumping bass line and disco drums in a dance floor composition that proves dance music can be a spiritual experience as well.

‘So Good’ is Nothing But Funk’s second release on Disco Tropicana Records, who first released the single ‘Ring My Bell’ with Italian femme fatale Syndel. This song revived the Anita Ward classic with a completely new arrangement. A remix pack of the ‘Ring My Bell’-release is expected to be released on the 22th of July 2022.

Well known in The Netherlands and Belgium for his disco and groovy house infused sets, Nothing But Funk is a resident DJ for Disco Tropicana. Nothing But Funk has previously recorded a Disco Tropicana Yearmix as well. In the Yearmix you can find over 50 of our favorite songs of the year 2021, ranging from Jafunk to Bruno Mars, from Dave Lee to Purple Disco Machine and from David Penn to The Knocks. You can listen to his mix here.

Nothing But Funk – So Good is also available through Beatport and iTunes.